Carbon frames. 100% racing focus


Welcome to Lebroy Bikes

Lébroy was formed in 2017 with the sole purpose of offering a range of framesets and wheels specifically for road cycling enthusiasts who recognise and require performance & quality.

Enzo Ferrari marketed his road cars in order to fund his ambition for being a competitive team in F1 circuit road racing.  We havent aspirations quite as high as Enzo, yet, but we do want our bikes to be thoroughly enjoyed by road cyclists and to progress our race team in regional and national road cycling events.

Clincher Wheel Le9a

Lébroy Wheels

Our wheels offer a multitude of options, all delivered with our uncompromising, racing focus.

Road racing, time trial. Lebroy wheels get the job done.

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THRE Datawolves information about the team with plenty of information about the team and it's team members.

Another sentence about where they cycle and what league they cycle in with information with their highest achievements.